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Which brand of mini-wash is good to purchase?

Which brand of mini-wash is good to purchase? Introducing and analyzing 10 models of the most popular mini washes on the market
In this article we will introduce to you 10 best mini-wash brands like, Feridolin, COOPEX, AEG, General Technic, Motherly, Belson, Niko, Niak, …
If you want to buy a mini-wash and confused about different brands we will introduce different brands to you and tell you about their pros and cons. But before everything, it is important to figure out what kind of mini-wash is useful for you and which type (single tub, twin or automatic) do you prefer to have. Here we introduce comprehensively these different types of mini-wash to you. So, you can purchase the best mini-wash by reading it.
Mini-wash is a washing machine with low load capacity. Since, mini-wash has reached mass production level in Iran, its import is banned from 2011 and all available brands in the market are made in Iran. Certainly, it is a pleasant subject that all produced models enjoy the latest technology and high quality. Consequently, you can have an UpToDate purchase.
Our subject of Iranian mini-wash brands are included as:
Feridolin, Coopex, General Technic, Motherly, AEG, Silver Lux, Milad, National, Belson, Niko, Niak, Gosonic, Subatan1, Sunnlux, Arshia, Kenzel, Samset.

Feridolin mini-wash (Milad & Silver Lux):
Feridolin company is one of mini-wash brands that produce its mini-washes by commercial names of Feridolin, Milad and Silver Lux to regulate market. Truth is all these three brands are similar and have no difference considering built quality, technology and after-sales service. These three brands are actually one. Feridolin brand is a well-known and quality brand and uses good engine and materials and has good after-sales service. This brand produces mini washes, folding mini washes with sizes of 1.5 kg, 2.5 kg, 3.5 kg twin mini washes with sizes of 2.5 kg and 3.5 kg. However, one of the criticisms of this brand is that the manufacturing technology and

molds of this brand have not changed from the first day until now and their products are made in the same way and with the same old design. Therefore, it is appropriate to update the design of the washing impeller and the shape of the mini washes to achieve a more desirable result.
The most popular models of this mini-wash brand are 3.5 kilo single tub washer of SW35B model and 2.5 kilo single tub washer of SW25B model.
COOPEX mini-wash:
COOPEX mini-wash is one of the modern brands of mini-wash production that was welcomed by the customer very soon and has started to produce mini-washes with great variety. This company utilizes the latest technology in the world in its productions. COOPEX brand products include a variety single tub mini-washers of capacities of 2.5, 3.5, 3.7, and 4 kilos, and tin ones of 3.5 kilos. the feature distinguishing the products of this company from other brands is the use of new technology for designing the mini-wash floor impeller, which washes the clothes cleaner than other mini-washes with its special grooves and achieves the desirable cleanliness faster.
In addition, COOPEX is the pioneer in producing digital mini-wash machines with touch screen in Iran that has advanced volume technology to a higher-level water-proof digital touch screen. This feature leads to machine longevity and reduces timer and motor damage rate to zero. Moreover, this mini-wash has a 5-year complete warranty for its high-level production quality which distinguishes it from its counterparts.
COOPEX mini-wash has 265 service centers nationwide and has the highest rank in after-sales service in mini-wash marketing. This topic has attracted a lot of attention from consumers and has become one of the most important potentials of this brand.
Best-sellers models of this mini-wash are 3.5 kilo single tub model of CMW1135, touch miniwash of CMW1140 and twin mini-wash model of CMW1144.

Belson (Pouya) mini-wash:
Belson and Pouya mini-wash machines are made in a same factory and distributed by different commercial names. Belson mini-wash had two models of single tub mini-washes of 2.5 and 3.5 kilos. So, there is not so many choices for a better selection. The quality of these mini-washes are
at an acceptable and of good quality. But many consumers are not completely satisfied with the company’s after-sales service. Belson 2.5 kg mini-wash is the best-selling model of this factory and is more popular.

Arshia (Kenzel) mini-wash:
Arshia and Kenzel mini-washes are manufactured in a same company by two different brand names. This mini-wash has two models of 3- kilo single tub and a 3 -kilo twin mini-wash which enjoy a high-quality production. The feature that distinguishes this mini-wash from other miniwashes is its transparent body thorough which you can see the performance of the device during the washing process. In addition, this appliance provides a virtuous warranty. But the criticism of this mini-wash is the use of taste colors in the production of this mini-wash. All mini-washes are white, blue and pink, but these mini-washes are red, smoky and navy, which have been criticized a lot.
The best-selling model of this mini-wash is a 3-kilo single tub one.
Niko (Niak, Subatan, Samset, Gosonic, Bosch, Kayzer, Sunlux, Honeywash) mini-wash:
Niko Production Factory has started producing a single tub mini-wash machine and almost all the miscellaneous brands in the market are products of this production factory. This single washing machine has a washing volume and although it has a slow drying basket. But the drying basket is not operating properly. And according to consumers’ reviews, the dryer mode, the basket is thrown up and out of place, which is technically predictable.
due to being single volume, this mini wash machine turns the impeller one turn left and one turn right which causes removing the basket from its place. Though the low affordable price of this machine makes it the first choice for the costumers. This machine has a two-year guaranty that includes free repair merely once. After that, the customers are charged for repair fees.
This mini-wash has just one model that are produced with different brands. They all have a same quality.

AEG mini-wash:
AEG is one of the first mini-wash brands in Iran. The complete name of this brand is AEG international.
This mini-wash is completely made in Iran. For its high quality, involvement and credit, this brand has become one of the best-selling ones in the market. Many customers explain their reason for selecting this brand is the perfect fame of it. While, the high quality and flawless aftersales service of this brand makes it the best choice for many buyers. AEG mini-wash was previously became famous by its 2000 model. At the moment, two sizes of 2.5 and 3.5- kilo are available in the market that their main differences are the height and motor power of the two models.
The best-selling model of this brand is 3.5-kilo single tub model of 2020-35.

General Technic (Motherly):
General Technic and Motherly are products of a same company with dissimilar brand names. These mini-wash machines have an acceptable quality and suitable raw materials are used in their production. The advantage of this brand over the others is its utilizing gold and silver color on the edges of the lids. The criticism to this brand is its high price that is two times more than similar items from other brands.
The best-selling model of this brand is the single tub model of MW3020.

Finally, by introducing different brands of mini washes in Iran and its advantages and disadvantages, we reach a complete conclusion in choosing the best brand of mini washes. Although, this does not mean that other brands and brands of mini washes are substandard and not of good quality, but in conclusion, you can buy the best item for you. If you are looking for an international standard quality mini-wash, we definitely suggest you to buy the CMW1140 COOPEX mini-wash. This mini-wash has a 5-year after-sales warranty, and in 5 years after
purchasing this device, any problem will be solved without any repair fees, and this is the biggest advantage of this device. Click here to view information and pictures of this mini-wash machine.

The best-selling mini-wash machines selected by online customers are as follows:
12 Feridolin
3500 twin National
11 Feridolin
35 Feridolin
3000 Kenzel
3020 General Technic
1600 Sunlux

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