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What are the different kinds of mini-wash and How they are different?

What are the different kinds of mini-wash and How they are different? Mini-wash machines are of three kinds of single tub, twin, and fully automated ones. In this article we compare them and explain their differences and specifications. Mini-wash are categorized into three types: single tub (bucket), twin, and fully automated.

single tub (bucket) mini-wash: This type has a washing tub and operates with a 60–90-watt turbine (regarding the tolerance weight of the machine that can be from 2.5 to 3.5). There is a dryer basket inside the bucket that is placed above bottom fan of mini-wash and its ridges match with fan ridges. For using this min-wash, first you need to rotate the dryer basket anticlockwise to release its hooks from the bottom of mini-wash and remove the dryer basket from the tub. Then you can put the clothes in the mini-wash and wash them. After that, remove the clothes from the tub and put them in the dryer basket and adjust the dryer basket into the tub by rotating it clockwise to have your clothes dried. Single tub mini-wash machines have two models of single and double volume. Most single volume miniwashes are cheaper and has one timer for washing. Although, these mini-wash machines have dryer baskets, this feature isn’t very practical. The reason is that a separate volume for is not designed for the dryer separately. Therefore, after activating the drying process, the dryer basket will disengage from the bottom fan and the clothes will not dry pat all. It is noteworthy that washing timer of mini-wash drives the turbine to left and to right repeatedly to roll up and clean the clothes, while the drying timer of the mini-wash drives the turbine merely in one direction to create a Centrifugal force which drains clothes completely. To choose a mini-wash, if the drying ability of the mini-wash is important to you, make sure to select a two-volume single tub mini-wash. Here you can watch the film and read the instruction to use a mini-washing machine completely.

Twin mini-wash: This machine has two separate tubs next to each other that the left one washes the clothes and the right one dries them. This type has two separate engines (one for washing and the other for drying). Therefore, these double-engine machines are double in size compared to single tub min-wash machines. These machines have three separate volumes. The left volume is for washing clothes, the right volume is for drying and the middle volume is a three-way volume for selecting the wash or dryer mode or for draining water. You can watch the full instruction and the using method right in here.

Automated mini-wash: Single tub and twin mini-wash machines are regarded as semi-automated mini-wash machines. It means that you have to put the clothes in them, pour water into it by hand or a hose, then add detergent and finally turn on the machine. After washing process, you must place the drainage pipe on the floor to empty the tank (the whole instruction of mini-wash use and complementary points is available here). However, in an automated mini-wash this process is done by the machine itself completely and automatically. Similar to front loading washing machines, automated mini-wash machines control water input and drainage and clothes are washed and drained more comfortably. The two main differences between front loading washing machines and this mini-wash type are the loading quantity and the location of the door. The price of these mini-wash machines is as high as washing machines that is five times of a single tub or a twin min-wash machine. In addition, from 2016, the import of this type of mini-wash machines are banned to support national production of frontloading washing machines. Therefore, these types of washing machines are not available in Iran market. Though some illegal and warrantless items can be found in free market. What kind of mini-wash is the best choice to buy? Regarding costumers’ satisfaction and regarding the technical features, price and mini-wash application, the best choice is a double-volume single tub mini-wash machine. These machines satisfy all your needs and are available in an affordable price. The next choice is a twin mini-wash that has two separate engines with a long-time performance. The price is almost two or three times more than single tub ones. Final, the last choice is a one volume single tub mini-wash that is suitable for washing clothes. If you look for buying a mini-wash, don’t miss the article about selecting best brand of mini-wash in here.

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