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Types of mini-wash models ?! What is the use of mini wash ?!

Mini washes are divided into three categories: single (twin), twin and automatic. In this article, we will compare them and explain their differences and capabilities.

Mini-washes are divided into three models: single-wash mini (single), twin and automatic mini-washes .

Single wash mini (single) :

These mini-washes have a wash tank and work with a 60 watt or 90 watt motor (depending on the weight bearing capacity of the device, which can be 2.5 kg or 3.5 kg). Inside this tank is a drying basket that is placed on the impeller of the mini-wash floor and is fastened with grooves in the bottom of the basket and on the impeller of the mini-wash.
To use this type of mini-wash, first turn the drying basket counterclockwise to open its hooks with the floor of the mini-wash and remove the drying basket from inside the tank. Put the clothes in the mini wash and wash them. Then remove the clothes by hand from the tank and put them in the dryer basket and put the dryer basket in the mini-wash and turn it clockwise to lock it and dry the clothes.
Single-fold mini washes have two models, single volume and double volume. Single volume mini washes are often cheaper and have a wash timer. Although these mini-washes have a drying basket, but the drying basket will not be very useful because the drying volume is not considered in the machine and the drying basket comes out of the washing impeller after turning on the machine and the clothes do not dry. It is not bad to know that the washing timer of the mini-washing engine rotates one turn to the right and one turn to the left so that the clothes are completely rolled and cleaned, and the drying timer rotates the engine completely in one direction to create centrifugal force. Take the water from the clothes and take it out. Therefore, to choose a mini-wash, if the ability to dry the mini-wash is important to you, be sure to use a two-volume single-wash mini-wash.
Complete training and important points of using the mini-wash device can be found at here as an explanation and as Watch the educational video.

Twin Mini Wash:

This mini-wash has two separate tanks next to each other. In the left tank, the clothes are washed and in the right tank, the clothes are dried. This type of mini-wash has two separate motors (one for washing and one for drying). Therefore, these devices have two motors and in terms of dimensions, they have twice the volume of single-wash mini washes. These mini-washes have three separate volumes, the left volume for washing clothes, the right volume for the clothes dryer and the middle volume for a three-mode volume, which is for selecting the washing mode or dryer or for draining water. Full description and method of using the twin mini-washing machine can be found at See here .

مینی واش اتوماتیک :

Single and twin mini-washes are so-called semi-automatic mini-washes. This means that to use them, you have to put the clothes in the mini-wash, pour the incoming water by hand or hose into the mini-wash, pour the washing liquid into the tank and turn on the device. And after washing the clothes, put the water outlet pipe on the ground to empty the water tank (the complete tutorial on using the mini-wash along with the important points can be seen in here ). But all these steps in automatic mini-washes are done automatically and by the programs given to the device. This machine, like automatic front door washing machines, takes care of the entry and exit of water and washes and rinses clothes more easily. The only difference between them and the automatic front door washers is that these mini washes wash less space and the doors open from above.
The price of these automatic mini-washes is almost the same as the price of automatic washing machines and they are about 5 times more expensive than the price of single and twin mini-washes. Also, since 2016, the import of these machines has been banned to support the production of automatic door washing machines from the front of domestic production, and is not available in the Iranian market. Examples of these devices can be obtained from the open market without warranty and illegally.

What is the best choice to buy a mini wash?
The best choice to buy mini-washes according to consumer satisfaction and considering the technical specifications, price and application of single-volume single-wash mini-washes. These mini washes meet all your needs and are available at a reasonable price. The next choice is the twin mini-washes, which have two separate motors and have a longer lifespan, and their price is almost two to three times higher than the Teshko mini-washes, and the last choice is the single-volume single-wash mini-washes, which are suitable for washing clothes.
If you are looking to buy a mini wash, we suggest that you read the article on choosing the best brand of mini wash at here .

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