3 uses of the flask that you did not know !!!

Important Uses of Flasks ️ Ever wondered how practical and important it is to have a flask for every home and wherever we may need it? We usually use the flask the most to go on a picnic, we have to buy a flask that preserves the taste and aroma of the ingredients we pour into it … Note that eating hot liquids constantly makes our ducts moist and healthier. …

Super vegetable shredder

Super vegetable shredder ️ Are you also looking for a vegetable shredder with the latest technology in the world and extremely expensive and high quality? Vegetable shredder Super Power Coupex Our best offer to you, you must see this post to the end

Electric heater security

Have you ever wondered how important the safety of an electric heater is? What bad thing might happen if it overturns and falls during use? We solved these problems by installing a safety key and a sensor under the electric heater …

️Best electric heater️

I want to introduce you to the best and highest quality electric heater in Iran with its unique features. Due to its sensors, this device has a very high level of security and is resistant to overturning. It is also made of very good materials such as new ABS and has a powerful design with 4 halogens … Be sure to watch this video to the end. >

The most important point in buying a vacuum cleaner

I want to talk to you about the most important thing to consider when buying a vacuum cleaner. Did you notice that we use a vacuum cleaner more than all other home appliances and it is used for many hours every day or every few days? Do you know anything about thermal micro switches? Be sure to watch this video to the end.

The best vegetable shredder in the world

The best vegetable shredder in the world ️ I want to introduce you to the best and most complete type of vegetable shredder! Kupex vegetable shredder model 4545 with very high motor power (350 watts) which has extraordinary power and has a waterproof tank and unbreakable polycarbonate. A completely safe device with two safety sensors, be sure to see this post to the end …

Buy cold incense or cold incense?

Do you know the difference between cold incense and hot incense? Have you ever heard how much cold incense has advantages over hot incense? Are you aware of the disadvantages and problems caused by hot fumigation?

Introduction of cold fumigation model HC-6545

Introduction of cold fumigation model HC-6545 Are you looking for a cold fumigator with high evaporation and reasonable price? Do you know how useful it is for your health, especially your respiratory system and of course skin rejuvenation? Be sure to see to the end and send to your friends.

Colored clothes washing solution

All of us are worried about washing and not dyeing our colored clothes … Our colored clothes collect all together and they get dirty until they are too much and we can wash them … but we solved this problem … surely Watch our clip

Introduction of Kopex home appliance factory

Kopex Home Appliances has started its home appliance production activity in 2016 in Iran. The purpose of this company is production, production and distribution of quality home appliances in the country and export to Asian and European countries. This product ( Read more ) …

Which mini wash should I not buy ????

Which mini-wash should I not buy? We will choose the best mini-wash for you … so be sure to watch our clip …


Are you looking for a cheap and high quality clothesline?

Every month in our house we need a folding clothesline to dry our clothes … but which dressmaker is of high quality and reasonable price? Be sure to watch our clip …

Introduction and unboxing of Auto-Copex model CS-7560

If you are looking for the best iron and the highest quality iron available in Iran, I suggest you to watch this clip … Kopex iron is one of the most optional irons available in the Iranian market and you will definitely enjoy working with it. Win …

Every athlete, in addition to dumbbells, must have a mini-wash in the house

As you know, athletes due to high transpiration, Herzoo should wash their clothes so that the clothes do not stain and smell, and for this they need a low-consumption and low-capacity laundry … In this clip, we will tell you that the application What is a mini wash for athletes …

If you care about your personality, be sure to watch this clip

Underwear due to the high sensitivity of the skin must be washed somewhere other than automatic washing and the best option for washing is a mini wash. By placing a mini-wash in the bathroom or laundry room, you can wash your underwear every day and make sure that skin allergies and germs are not transmitted to your body.

Does your mini-wash walk? Do you tremble? Be sure to watch this clip

Maybe you also encountered the problem that the mini-wash vibrates when drying clothes and so-called walks. If this is the case, be sure to watch this clip to explain what the solution is … This is not a problem and among all mini-washes There are solutions and there is a simple solution

Introduction and unboxing of Jupx JCX-5550 juicer

If you are looking for a perfect, quality and affordable juicer, we will definitely introduce you the Jupx JCX-5550 juicer. This juicer has 800 watts of power and technically, it has the latest technology of the day … For more information, be sure to watch this clip.

Are you afraid of buying Kopex home appliances online? 7 days money back guarantee ...

If you have not bought Kopex products online yet and you are afraid of buying it, it is better to know that you can return it up to 7 days after the delivery of the goods for no reason … To know how, be sure to watch this clip …

Why should I buy a mini-wash? What exactly is the use of a mini wash?

Should I buy a mini wash or not? We all do not know whether to buy a mini wash or not !? What is the use of mini wash? Do you only need it for a good seismic or for the rest of your life? Is it necessary to pay for the mini-wash? There are many uses for a mini-wash, and doctors emphasize that a mini-wash must be used at home. In this clip, we refer to the uses of the mini wash and tell you whether to buy a mini wash or not …

The best steam iron available in the Iranian market - if you intend to buy a steam iron, be sure to see

If you are looking to buy a quality steam iron that has the latest world standards and the most up-to-date technology is used in it, be sure to watch our clip … This steam iron leaves no room for doubt … < / p>

Serious advice from doctors to use a mini-wash

A friend came to buy a laundry and I insisted that he put a mini-wash next to it … he bought it for me that day out of respect, but two months later he called and thanked Kelly … and said that my wife Mah He was involved in infectious diseases and we constantly changed doctors, but we listened to his advice and now he has not had any problems for two months …

Low dirty clothes basket, Regal clean clothes with mini wash

In summer, when we sweat a lot, or after exercise, when we have all the clothes that need to be washed, or when our children have dirty clothes every day, we need to wash our clothes every day and do not stack them … To do this, you need You have a small laundry that you can have clean clothes every day and dirty to sample clothes … In this clip we will explain more to you …

Mini wash, a machine that is twice as efficient as a washing machine

2 times better washing than automatic washing In general, washing machines that open from above and have a washing impeller at the bottom, because of the washing axis, wash the clothes cleaner than automatic washing … because that is what you see in most foreign movies. Door washers come from above … Mini washes are also in the same category of washers that, due to the small amount of clothes that you put in them and the axis of washing from the floor of the clothes, are better than automatic washing

Reduce washing time with mini-wash ... Reduce washing time of clothes from 2.5 hours to 10 minutes

When we can wash clothes in 10 minutes, why should we wash in 1.5 hours? Mini wash, because it washes less clothes and washes the floor, it washes much faster and cleaner than washing your clothes … It also consumes less water and electricity and helps to reduce the cost of your bills … that is why I emphasize Be sure to buy a mini wash for yourself and enjoy the benefits it has

What is a mini wash? Why should we buy a mini wash?

In this clip, we will tell you what a mini-wash is and why we should buy a mini-wash. Today, the mini wash is one of the most widely used home appliances. You can wash all kinds of clothes in a small volume, baby clothes, underwear, old clothes and fabrics in a small volume and even adult clothes in this machine with a mini wash. The mini-washing machine is not only for baby clothes and is designed and made for applications such as student houses, the elderly, hotels and even for washing underwear. Copex Company has created technologies in the manufacture of mini-washes that distinguish it from other mini-washes. Among these advantages is the new design of the mini-wash floor impeller, which increases the cleanliness of the clothes up to 40%. Also, its simple design makes it very easy to work with. Kopex mini-wash has two separate volumes. One volume is a selector and the other volume is a timer. You select the engine rotation mode with the Selector volume. In the washing mode, the impeller rotates left and right until the clothes are completely washed, and in the drying mode, the engine rotates to one side to drain the clothes. Therefore, in addition to washing clothes, Kopex mini-wash also dries it. Note that to dry the clothes, be sure to spread the clothes evenly and evenly on the bottom of the dryer basket, because otherwise the mini-wash will vibrate and move, but if you put the clothes right in the dryer basket, you can easily dry the clothes and apply them. is. This machine is made of the best raw materials and will satisfy you to the highest degree. There is an automatic and a semi-automatic washing machine and washing machine. We hope you enjoy working with this device.

Copex Smart Steam Iron

Today, ironing is one of the most used tools in every home. Ironed and tidy clothes show your regular and strong personality and will raise people’s social status. If you are looking for a perfect iron with the latest technology, we definitely recommend Kopex iron. This iron has a fireproof ceramic insole and is suitable for all types of fabrics and allows you to not damage the fabric by properly distributing the temperature in the floor of the iron. Kopex smart ironing has used the latest technology of ironing, which is the technology of intelligent recognition of the type of fabric. When you place the iron on the fabric, by identifying the type of fabric, the temperature of the ironing floor decreases or increases and changes according to the type of fabric. This iron has an automatic cutting system that turns off the heating system if the iron remains fixed horizontally or vertically so as not to damage the fabric fibers. One of the newest technologies used in this iron is the Self Clean system. You can clean the inner pipes and internal holes of the machine every few months according to the instructions in the manual and iron the internal equipment automatically. This feature automatically removes residual salts during long-term operation. Also, this iron has an anti-drip and anti-fouling system. This feature allows you not to spill a drop of water on the clothes during ironing, when using the ironing steam, and to prevent stains on the clothes. This machine is suitable for ironing all kinds of cotton, plastic, wool and silk fabrics. One of the advantages of this device is its fireproof and long wire. The wire of this machine has the ability to rotate 360 ​​degrees and prevents the wire from being tied or twisted while ironing. By throwing steam horizontally and vertically, this machine makes the fabric of the clothes smooth in the best way and you have a clean ironing line on the edge of the sleeve or pants. Also, the edge of the insole is designed so that the smallest corners of the garment are accessible and smooth and tidy. The Autocupex machine is made of the best raw materials and the latest manufacturing technology, and we hope you enjoy working with this machine.