About us

Coopex Home Appliances company was founded in 2016 in Iran. The purpose of this company is to produce and sell high-quality home appliances of different type in the country and to import our products to Asia and Europe. Our company currently exports its home appliances to Eurasia, Afghanistan and Iraq and has provided the necessary platforms for small and large exports for foreign traders. Coopex Home Appliances trading department, by interacting with export shipping companies, can deliver all kinds of its products to domestic and foreign sellers in the shortest time.
Coopex company with more than 200 disruptors and 265 after-sales service centers, distributes all its products throughout the country and offers after-sales services and guarantees even in the smallest cities of Iran. The company products come with a two-year sales warranty and a ten-year service guarantee, and assures sellers and consumers that they can use high-quality products of this company. For more information about after-sales service click here.
Coopex Home Appliances products hold all international and national standards. Besides, our products enjoy high quality as they are made with the finest raw materials. In the manufacture of all home appliances of this company, safety and security guidelines have been considered in order to reduce any probable damage to the costumer and the device, as well. One of the most significant distinguishing facts about Coopex Home Appliances products is applying modern technologies in the manufacturing of our products. Among our new and exclusive products of this brand, making the first mini-wash with touch and digital screen, making the first smart iron with the ability to recognize the type of fabric, in addition to making a vegetable shredder machine with a gearbox motor and a power of 350 watts turbo. moreover, all the electric motor used in the products of this brand have a thermal sensor to prevents the device damage in case of placing extreme pressure on the motor.
Coopex Home Appliances brand had attracted many traders and consumers by participating in many national and international exhibitions, and we hope to produce and offer more and better products with your increasing support.